Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Make room for another--

How do you know when your "MOTHER OF THE YEAR" trophy is in the mail?

When your little one includes this in her every prayer: "...and please bless mommy not to be so mad all of the time"

I'm prepping the mantle now.

Thank you Birdie.  I'm working on it.


Noelle and Corey said...

Yeah, I've had a, "Please bless Mommy to be nice," or something to that effect. Little turkeys!!

Little Family Fun said...

Haha!! That's pretty funny. I have to admit I've been pretty grumpy lately too. But I think my kids must be praying silently for me to not be in such a bad mood, b/c they know it might make me mad if they said it out loud. haha.

Justin and Kristin said...


Tiff said...

I guess I deserve a trophy then, my kids are always saying how Mommy is mean because she yells and Daddy is nice because he doesn't.