Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bogey’s Crib

So, it isn’t home, but I wanted to document where Bogey has spent the first few (almost 3) weeks of his life.  (And when I say “document”, I mean 10 pictures worth.)  I have more to say at the end of the pictures, so read on…

Jayce's Place 010
Jayce's Place 002Jayce's Place 001
Jayce's Place 003
Jayce's Place 004
Jayce's Place 005
Jayce's Place 006
Jayce's Place 007
Jayce's Place 008
Jayce's Place 011
Bogey is recovering from a G-tube (feeding tube inserted right into his stomach) surgery that he had yesterday.  He has not been eating very well (it is so hard for him and hard on his little heart) so we opted to have the tube inserted so that he would get the food he needs to ensure his weight gain.  (I’m not sure what the nurses are feeding him, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Oreos.  If it were, I’m sure he wouldn’t be having a weight gain issue…Oreos have helped me gain weight with no problem. ;) 

It seriously breaks my heart to see my little guy laying there in a big old metal crib, wires and cords everywhere, and not be able to just snuggle him and hold him tight like I want to.  I absolutely hate to walk out of that hospital leaving my little buddy to doctors and nurses who have to cause him a little discomfort as they perform their daily job duties.  Ugh.

(On a more cheerful note...) throughout these past couple of weeks, I have seen the goodness in people.  I have been touched by the messages from my friends (both near and far, new and old), neighbors (living in a small community has it’s perks!!), our ward family (We are so blessed to be in such a great, compassionate ward!), and family members (both immediate and extended).  It seems that when I am having those “blues” (postpartum or having a sick baby—I can’t tell the difference) someone sends me a message, a package in the mail, stops by, or calls…right on cue.  Oh the tender mercies…(1st Nephi 1:20)  As if words could express it enough, “Thank you, thank you!”

We are hoping and praying that Bogey will get to come home with us by the end of the week.  It will be a long road, with lots of monitoring, but it will be so nice to have him home. 

After all,

“Home is where the heart is…” and definitely where Bogey’s heart belongs.


Candice Harris said...

Love you, Rachelle!! I'm totally bawling my eyes out right now, thanks a lot! :) There is no feeling in the world worse than walking out of the hospital and leaving your little one!! I am loving that we got to see a picture of you, though!! :) You're looking great, can't wait to see you! Hang in there! Love, Love, Love!!

Steve and Kim... said...

Rachelle he is precious and there is no doubt he is blessed and lucky to have you as his mother! You look amazing and I pray he gets to join you at home soon. What a tough and inspiring woman you are! I love you!!!!!

The Story of Life said...

I hope that cute little buddy gets to go home very soon! That cannot be easy on you to leave him there, but I'm sure he is in good hands.

Glad that you are getting support and help!! Hang in there!

Little Family Fun said...

All I can say is that you are AMAZING Rachelle! I am inspired so much by your hope and faith. And Bogey is SO lucky and blessed to come to such a wonderful family as yours.

Melissa Bitton said...

You're a strong women, Rachelle! That little boy was sent to the right home! You look so beautiful holding him!

Noelle and Corey said...

You are looking FABULOUS!! As usual, but we haven't seen you forever! We are praying for you daily and know the Lord will bless and deliver us all.