Friday, February 17, 2012


I have a confession to make.  I know I’ve mentioned before that my size is really overwhelming, but I think that is my defense mechanism for the panic that I feel every time I think about suddenly having 5 children.  (Who am I kidding?  It’s not suddenly at all…this pregnancy is lasting FOR-EV-ER, and I still have FOR-EV-ER left, not to mention the fact that the .slowest month of the year just happens to have an extra day in it this year…just my luck.)   

Nonetheless, I’ve been a tad bit nervous about the whole thing.  

Until last Saturday that is.  

I’m finally super excited to be adding two little guys to the mix.  

Last Saturday there was a baby shower and it was so great because friends and family gathered to make onesies and patchwork blankets.  Guess how cute they turned out?

Um, super cute.  

All of this cuteness couldn’t have been pulled off without all of this help:

Not only were we (well, not me, I was taking pictures and visiting…and did I mention there were OREO desserts galore?  I may or may not have been hovering over the dessert table making sure to ration out servings so that there would be plenty of leftovers to sustain me these last grueling 9 weeks) cranking out the crafts, but there were gifts to be opened.  The clothes were tiny…there were biddy socks and little blue bibs, there were blankets and pants with puppy patches on the bums—I wanted so much for these babies to be here and dressed in all those cute clothes, wrapped up or lying down on the blankets, sitting in the Bumbo chairs side by side…I am even excited about changing tiny diapers again…

Now, I’ve got the clothes all organized and folded and put away in their drawers (yep, all sorted into sizes, shirts, pants, socks, etc.)  and I’m just waiting and waiting for these two tiny guys to get here. 

I’m sure that once they’re here, I’ll wonder why I was so anxious!  

I guess in the meantime all I can do now is just set up shift charts and sign up sheets as to who is coming when, and what I’ll have them be doing (ie. the night shift person can’t be running the vacuum, so I’ll have to find something quiet for them to do while they wait for the babies to wake up to be fed…) ;)


Justin and Kristin said...

Wow! Very cute! AND the OREO DESSERTS was a BRILLIANT idea!!
Glad you will have lots of great help!

Candice Harris said...

Awe, soooo cute...but I'm still waiting on some pregnancy pictures!! :)

Emily Usher said...

Wow shift charts I am impressed. After I brought mine home I stayed with my mom a week then I was on my own. With 4 kiddos. I am so excited you. Hang in there and let those babies bake as long as possible.

Cher said...

Ya, what about those pregnancy pictures?