Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Name Game

With twins on the way, Ace and I  (well I) have been trying to come up with names.  For some reason, we have a very hard time coming up with names we both agree on.  Not that it will matter if we come up with a name now, we’ll be changing it after the babies are born.

For instance, we both liked the name Aubrianna, for Gimme, but as soon as we got to the hospital and she was born, we decided to toss around some other ideas.  The more we did, the more we knew, Aubrianna was not going to work out.

Fall pics 002

Mulligan was a different story.  I had his name picked out when I was in about 3rd grade.  When Ace and I were getting serious, I asked him if we could name our first son Mulligan.  He agreed.  After a couple of months, right after we got engaged, I made sure he was still on board with the name of our first son.  He said yes, so the wedding was a go.  
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Birdie, was named as we were basically walking out of the hospital.  We had the hardest time with her name.  Gimme pegged her right away as “Pollyanna” and at the rate we were going, I was worried that is what we were going to end up with.  

Fall pics 001

So, as you can see, the name thing is hard for us.  So, we’ve been asking the kids for suggestions (Since Ace didn’t like my idea to name one Stockton and name the other T’Malone…)
Here’s the suggestions we’ve received so far:

Gimme: Tiler & Kyler (Her spelling suggestions as well, since we already have a Tyler in the family, she wanted to mix it up…)

Mulligan: Spencer and Spencer (and then he says, “and then when you say ‘Spencer come here!’ 3 Spencers will come running, and you’ll totally freak out.”  I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff!!)

Birdie: Superman & SuperWhy. (And she’s locking in her suggestions.  She’s set on those.)


R and D Ginkel said...


Valerie said...

I would still pull for Stockton and Malone. Seriously. It may be familiar to us, but those boys will never know!!

Melissa said...

I LOVE the name Stockton! Hahahaha!
I still can't believe you are having makes me tired to think of it :)

ChileGoogs said...

my two favorite boy names are Mason and Makai. Jylisha

Northern Nickle Clan said...

I've been reading about you having twins. So, my husband and I sat down and wrote out twin names for a set of girls, and a set of boys. He likes James and Michael, even though I think one of those might cause a bit of family confusion. There are some cute twin names I've heard that I absolutely LOVE, but those are for girls. Brandon and Brendon maybe?:) Or is that WAY too close?:) Regardless, we're pretty stoked for ya!:)