Thursday, October 6, 2011

From one Small Town to Another…

My sister and her family came to visit.  Since they are from a small town, I knew our little town would be SUPER exciting (need I mention the LINGER LONGER LOUNGE?)
We had fun swimming (note to self: Pull-Ups don’t actually work the same as Little Swimmers.  See picture of little girls in swimming suits.  Poor H popped a seam in her suit, her diaper was so swollen…made for some super laughs though…)

Another highlight was feeding the fish.  I don’t know why that is such a hit, maybe because we had to ride in the golf carts to get there, but the kids loved it.  The fish this time of year are HUGE and they were jumping out of the water to get the food.  Pretty exciting.

We were lucky enough to have B here for his 4th birthday!  What a cutie!  The activities for the day included McDonalds, the CDA City Park (quite the adventure since it was our first time there.)  We also spent a little while on the “beach” of the CDA Lake.  The kids loved playing in the little waves, and tides, and sand/mud.  Of course a trip to town isn’t complete without a stop at Wal-Mart.  What a fun time!
We are so grateful for our family.  We love visitors.  Our kids LOVE their cousins, and like I’ve mentioned before, they are my kids best friends. 
Anyone all of the sudden feel motivated to drive up here?  See all the fun in those pictures?  It could be YOU!  

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Cher said...

This turned out really cute.