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Monday, May 9, 2011

Terms in Golf

Golf season is upon us, and it is apparent that I need to work on my game, and Birdie needs to work on her jargon.

Today I took her and Mulligan to the practice putting green to hone my mad skill of 4 (or sometimes 5) putting. Well, I let Birdie and Mulligan have a couple of balls and a mini club (cut to size for Mulli) and they were trying to get the ball in the hole as well. (Luckily, they have my putting genes so they too putt it past the hole every time).

Well, Birdie finally scooted that ball into the hole, and victoriously exclaimed,

"Yes! I made a goal!!"

A few minutes later, I loaded the kids up in the cart and told them we were going to practice on the chipping green.

Birdie got all excited and said,

"Oh good. I love the 'chicken green!'"


Elasta-Girl said...

Chicken Green! :) Here is why you have more skill than the men. It takes serious skill to monitor three little boddies while simultaneously trying to bend your knees, set your wrist, clear your hips...

Noelle and Corey said...

Haha! Love those kids!