Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High Hopes

Can anyone guess what's missing from our backyard (besides the weeds that usually take over the lawn in the summer)?

SNOW! That's what!!
People (well, two guys) golfed yesterday. Not in knickers (those only come out when the season REALLY starts) by any means, but clubs were swinging and tiny balls were flying!
Plus, guess what else? The sun started setting AFTER 4:30 pm!
I'm not going to jinx myself and say that spring has sprung. No, I know better than to break out the flip flops and capri's, when we haven't even touched the never ending month of February; but I did bust out a bag of my springtime favorite:

No, spring hasn't sprung, but when I can eat a whole bag of jelly beans and not get sick, I know spring is at least...springing??

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Noelle and Corey said...

What a gorgeous sunset! We have pretty sunsets here, you just have to climb a high rise building or soething else to see them since there are very few hills or clearings! Yay for Spring coming!