Sunday, December 19, 2010

Deer Lodge, MT

A few short years ago, I was playing softball for Skyline High School. Our team played in the State Tournament in Coeur d' Alene, ID. Well, rather than ride the bus all the long way home, I decided to ride home with my parents in the comfort of their fairly new, Chevy Trailblazer. Little did I know, I was choosing the LONG way home!

The trusty trailblazer broke down, and the only place we could find refuge was Deer Lodge MT. We gingerly drove down some shady alley to find a repair shop, and as luck would have it, the part that we needed could not be found in Deer Lodge, but in Butte! Because it was in the evening, the repairman told us he could help us get to Butte, but we would have to wait til morning. Perfect.

The next day, was one that actually put Deer Lodge MT on the map for me. The repairman offered to load the trailblazer to Butte, but there was only room for 1 passenger up in the cab with him (Dad was brave enough to volunteer for that position). Two people would either have to hitch hike, or ride in the blazer. Of course mom and I opted not to hitch hike, so we found ourselves in the blazer going up, up , up, onto the flatbed-- in the blazer.

I am pretty sure mom and I laughed the entire ride. We thought out loud for the drivers and passengers of the vehicles passing by, starring at us, up there in all our glory.

Ahh, Deer Lodge. What memories.

And now I would like to add to the Deer Lodge Diary--

Ace and I loaded up the family and started driving to Idaho Falls to be home with family for Christmas. We left after Gimme's school (she didn't want to miss her class party) so it was dark, and late.

All of the sudden, after driving for hours, Ace threw on the brakes and started to cut into the other lane. I didn't know what he was doing, until I looked up and saw a big fat deer, stopped in the road, starring at us. Ace was quick to react, but the deer was not. So, we went ahead and slammed into the rump of the deer. It did wonders for the van. (Last year, I might have lightly bumped into another car and made a slight dent, but shoot, you can't even see that now!)

Can anyone see where I put a dent in the van? No you can't!! That fat one is from the DEER!!
The rest of the drive home, our headlight was pointing straight down. That was handy.
And, the luck from Deer Lodge strikes again.


Elasta-Girl said...

I can't believe that happened. And I can't believe I had to hear about it over the blog.

Justin and Kristin said...

But you made it "home" safe?

Noelle and Corey said...

Shoot! I guess you need some body work on the van for Christmas. Since we have your names, I guess I'll have to put Corey to work on that for you. Oh wait. He's not having the best of luck with cars this month. :( Luckily, it wasn't any worse. See you soon!

Steve and Kim....... said...

i pass deer lodge everytime i come home from canada and it seems like such a nice little place lol. now i will only think about you when i pass there!