Saturday, September 11, 2010


Some visitors we love:

Little Z

And some we do NOT:

The day the visitors we love were coming, I noticed this awful little--or gigantic--spider toting around a sac of eggs on the celiling of our deck. Delightful? I think not. Spidies = Blech.

Anyway, Ace's brother and his family, along with Nana and Papa came to visit it us! It was the boys (and when I say boys, I mean, grown men--as in the fathers of our homes--) Annual Green Jacket Tourney ( I am not sure if it actually has an offical name, I just made that one up). This golf tournement consists of a zillion rounds of golf in three days, with the winner walking away with a green jacket.

The Boys

Ace won last year and so this jacket has been hogging closet space (we have to hang it in its own section since we bought it at the DI a few years ago and I am not 100% confident it came lice/critter-free) so you can imagine my heartfelt excitement when papa walked away with it this year. I'm not sure what fabric the jacket is made of, it looks like felt, but I doubt anyone made clothing out of felt in any generation of time. Nonetheless, Ace passed the jacket along--afterall, it's only fair everyone get a chance to sport the coat to work or church, as fashionable as it is...

The passing of the Jacket

The three days are very tiring. I don't know how it is for the boys (again, I'm referring to the grown men) but for the wives it's exhausting. Have you ever shopped with seven kids under the age of 8? :) We DID manage to get in some golfing of our own, plus some shopping, lunch out, the temple, reading, etc. I loved hanging out with my mother in law and two sisters in law!

I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I actually enjoy this tourney because nothing "stirs my soul" (how's that for a description for such a masculine event?) more than strong relationships between siblings and parents. I love to see Ace joking around with his dad and brother and brother's in law.

(Ace and his brother Corey)

I mean look at this budding relationship between father and son: :)

Corey and Z

All in all, we had a great time with everyone (WE MISSED YOU HALES FAMILY!) and it was a perfect way to send out the summer.

I am certain this little guy needs to come back soon so that we can work on his swing. :)


Noelle and Corey said...

So cute!! I love all the shots you got of Zach and Corey! Esp. dragging that club! It WAS exhausting for us! We had such a great time and thank you so very much for your sweet hospitality.

Hales Family said...

I loved this post. I loved the pictures you took. Z is so cute and the pictures of my brothers together just loved it.:) And dad's face is priceless, I wish I could have been there but I will see you soon.:)

Lindsey said...

What a fun visit! I love it when family comes into town, too. Looks like Blanchard (hope I got the town right) is quite the happening place to be. :P