Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Awww, Go Fly a Kite!!

This past Sunday was a windy day. So instead of constructing a nice dinner of homemade rolls, chicken, potatoes, etc. we went outside and flew kites.

Mulligan hand the hang of things right off the bat.

Ace was trying to work the princess kite (supposedly for Gimme--but it was clear he hesitant to give her the kite string. ;) and things were going well until the wind died down to a light breeze.

As you can see, we ran into a little problem--namely the the roof of the pool building. It has "windows" that open and close just like a sunroof on a car and the kite got caught in the track.

In a place where trash cannot be left out on the curb in anything except an unbroken trash bin (I tried nice boxes once and it was a no-go), and a less than green lawn (fine, I'll admit it, it was dead. We didn't have the sprinkler system working properly) attracts phone calls and comments (the kind you don't need to hear), we knew that pink princess kite stuck up on the roof wasn't going to "fly" (no pun intended). We had to get it down.

Taping 7 swimming noodles together didn't work. They flopped around in the breeze, doing nothing to aide the kite out of the track.

So we went for the tent poles.

They were heavy enough to withstand the wind, but they were just barely too short to reach the kite.

Call in the reinforcements--The neighbor/sister.

Finally, after a little bit of wear and tear, the kite came out of the track, and off of the roof.

Which is a good thing since Gimme was a heap of worry and tears over her precious (clearance $.75) flying friend.

I suppose the whole ordeal was worth it. There were no heaps of casserole dishes, pans, plates, etc. to clean, and no roll dough to scape off of the counter. We went with the super simple enchiladas on paper plates, and we even had the gallon of milk on the table (shh! don't tell my mom...that's one of her pet peeves!).

Let's all pray for wind EVERY Sunday.


Justin and Kristin said...

how fun, well except for the kite wrangling.

Clint, Mel & Kids said...

So funny!! And creative!

LittleFamilyJL said...

Hooray for the rescued kite!! Just think....all that fun for only 75 cents! Now that's what I call a bargain.