Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Little Money Maker

We were a little short on rent this month...

Just kidding.

Gimme and her cousins wanted to make some money for things they want to buy (i.e. Gimme wants a bike). So, last Monday we went out on the golf course and while Cherlyn and I played a few holes, the kids went out in the fields and looked for golf balls to sell.

Yesterday, they braved the 90 degree heat and waited for thirsty people, who needed golf balls, to stop on by. Believe it or not, there were lots of thirsty people, and a few people who needed golf balls (one lady had to buy back the ball she lost a few days ago...finders keepers, losers weepers!! Of course I'm kidding. We didn't make her pay for that one).

But seriously, who wouldn't stop and buy anything from these cuties??


Justin and Kristin said...


Hales Family said...

Looks like lots of fun. I would have bought a lemonade from them.:) So cute!!!