Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blanchard, Idaho

Be honest. How many of you just read that title and thought, "WOO HOO! SUMMER VACATION!!!"?

Go ahead, raise your hand.


Well, come June 2010, we'll be living there.

Now, be honest. Raise your hand if you just read that statement and thought, "WOO HOO! SUMMER VACATION!!!"

Every single one of you better have your hands up. (And I don't mean maybe!)

Blanchard may be a small town consisting of: a bar/resturant, a gas station, a post office, a double wide trailer acting as the public library, and the almost infamous Blanchard Inn, but it also has this to offer:
(the view from the backyard)

Which is why we are moving. Ace was hired as the Assistant Pro on the Stoneridge Golf Course. Ironically enough, this is the same golf course where my brother Kimball was working at the time of his death. So, really, it's pretty awesome.

As time draws nearer for Ace to leave and start this new job, the more he reminds me of a little kid waiting for Christmas to hurry up and get here. He starts in March so he'll move up there and live the bachelor life (With his sister Cherlyn to keep him in check... ;) while I take on the single mother role here until Gimme finishes school at the first of June.

While Ace works on the course, he'll also be working on his PGA certification (please direct all questions regarding this procedure to him). I think that means he'll be golfing a lot.

So, with all of this new information, our calendar is open and we are now taking reservations (not that we want to put the Blanchard Inn out of business or anything, we just want friends and family to come stay with US...). Just to put in a little more incentive, (as if the double wide library isn't enough!) not only is the first green our backyard, but there is a little swimming pool and tennis courts across the street. (Oh, and I guess I could mention that Spokane, WA and Coeur d 'Alene are both within about 30-40 minutes if you want more shopping than what's available at the corner gas station.)

Don't just sit there! Get out your calendars!

p.s. if you know anyone who needs to buy or rent a house...I happen to know of a place that's available!


Lindsey said...

Wow!!! What a gorgeous view! I am jealous of all of the space you guys are going to have. Utah is just wall to wall people. Good luck being a single mother for a bit. Hopefully it flies by for you.

Dad, Mom, and babies said...

That is such a great view. You are brave! My single mom hours from about 8 am to 8 pm are enough t drive me insane. You rock, but I am sad cause we will nt be visiting good ole IF before June . Hey if we are ever up in North Idaho (youknow, lost or something) we will definitely stop by. Good luck and congrats on his new job!

Larsen said...

Know I know why you are moving! I haven't ever heard of Blanchard. Sorry. Guess I will google it soon!

A golfing job. That is awesome. Kyle would love that!

ChileGoogs said...

I am sad to see you go! who will make candles with me? Good luck selling the house thogh!

Troy and Cherlyn said...

Blanchard! Who could ask for anything more? We can't wait...until June. :)

Noelle and Corey said...

I am so excited for you guys!!! Movin' on, huh? I sincerely hope you all enjoy it. Now you'll only be another thousand or dso miles north of us...

Mabeys said...

Oh wow! Welcome to small town life. Yeah and blech at the same time! Gotta pay your dues, eh? At least its pretty up there. We love Couer d'Alene and Spokane! Good luck selling your house!

Ren said...

I am not looking forward to June and by the way - I also know of a good house for sale - just on the west side of town! :)

Justin and Kristin said...

Congrats to James on the dream job!! You are a better woman than I, I would have made him find a golf course a little closer to civilization!
Have fun in Blanchard!!

Clint, Mel & Kids said...

Wow! That's big news! It'll be sad not to run into you in the stores anymore!

Steve and Kim....... said...

i am coming. no jokes, pencil me a date and i wll be there!