Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kimball J. Memorial Scramble

In conjunction with every Hart family reunion each summer, our family...well the guys in our family, golf in a tournament we set up in memory of Kimball. It's not super official, but there is a trophy involved! All of my brothers, brothers-in law, nephews (in high school), Ace, and my dad have to tee off left handed on the first hole, since Kimball was a lefty (when he golfed).

My brother Ryan took some photos of the guys at the tourney and shared them with me, so I'm posting them!

This year there were enough for 3 teams. My brothers (Doug & Ryan) and dad made up a team, The Bean Boys (Gordon, Jourdon, Tyler), and the In-laws (Mike, Matt, Ace). The Bean Boys from Oklahoma (Where they can pretty much golf year round) got the trophy this year.

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