Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Heartburn Here

Last night I stayed up very very late cleaning the house, so when Gimme and Mulligan woke me up this morning, I didn't know what had been going on since Ace was also still asleep. We don't know for sure when the kids got up, but we do know that half a bottle of Tums Smoothies is gone. Gimme calls them vitamins, Mulli calls them treats. For whatever reason, Gimme shimmied up the cabinets and stood on the stove to reach our medicine cupboard. Of course she pulls out the only thing without a childproof cap. She and Mulligan went ahead and went to town on them.

The ironic thing is, when Kimball and I were little, we raided our dads stash of Rolaids. We didn't know there was a difference between those and mint Lifesavers . However, I remember having the tummy ache of my life that day!! I don't think I've had a Rolaid since then!

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