Monday, August 25, 2008

Golf Outing

Well, I finally got out to the course today. I shot under par...for 18 holes! (It's just too bad we only went 9.) I went with my dad to the Rexburg Municipal Course. My first drive was great, but then it went downhill from there. Thankfully dad gave me lots of mulligans and "gimmes". I have decided that it isn't what you shoot, it's who you spend the time with. I loved it today. Sure, I played horrible, but it was enjoyable because I was with my dad! Thanks dad! And thanks mom for watching the tribe so I could get out there and make a few divots!


Steve and Kim....... said...

uhm..i didn't call because i was only there for two days and had to get to utah to watch my parents dogs while they go to alaska. also, i am going to be back there the 10th-13th taking care of my sisters kids while she is gone for work, SO I WAS SAVING MY TIME TO SEE YOU THEN!!!, you arent a jerk either. so plan on seeing my ugly face in SEPTEMBER BABY!!!

The Moore Family said...

Good work with the blog! You are doing great!